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24 June 2018

Teatro della Luna, Polverigi


Alessandro Sciarroni is an artist active in the performing arts, with an experience that spans from visual arts to theatre research. His projects have been presented in dance and theatre festivals, museums, galleries, and non-conventional spaces and involve performers of various disciplines. He is an associated artist of Le Centquatre art center in Paris. In 2017 he was awarded the Premio Hystrio-Corpo a Corpo and the Premio Europa Realtà Teatrali. He is supported by Marche Teatro and da apap – advancing performing arts project.

MASBEDO is an artistic duo formed in 1999 by Nicolò Massazza and Iacopo Bedogni. Their artistic research has focused on the theme of incommunicability, highlighting the paradox of our communication society. This research has led to the creation of video-performances, of a strong pictorial value, in which the viewer is involved in the video space and in the environment the duo creates.

Originating from the synergy between Triennale Teatro dell’Arte and miart modern and contemporary art fair, Prisma draws on a special project devised specifically for miart’s 2018 multimedia visual campaign. The piece is inspired by one of the choreographer’s early works, Cowboys, created in 2008, in which the performers’ identities were made unrecognisable by the use of mirrors “worn” in front of their faces. Their bodies lost definition, merging with the performance space and the audience’s gaze. Prisma plays with a stretched-out rhythm and with the dialogue between the new video element and the “headless” bodies of the performers, generating refracted images and colours reflected by the mirrors. The work has a hypnotic effect, transforming the figures on stage into moving screens.

commissioned by FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts e miart

conception Alessandro Sciarroni in collaboration with MASBEDO

performer Anna Bragagnolo, Francesco Marilungo, Luana Milani, Matteo Ramponi


music Abul Mogard, Bright Eyes

costume Ettore Lombardi

produced by Snaporazverein, In Between Art Film, Marche Teatro

executive production Corpoceleste_C.C.00#, A.C. AreaVideo

thanks to Centrale fies