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MEWO Kunsthalle Memmingen

an exhibition on accessibility

June 12 – November 1, 2021

With works by Emma Bolland, Daniele Buetti, Anna Coleman Ladd, Adi Hösle, Nikola Irmer, MASBEDO, Bruno Metra & Laurence Jeanson, Annegret Soltau and Marc Quinn

The exhibition ‘imPERFEKT’ tries to have an impact on different levels. On the one hand, ‘imPERFEKT’ is an exhibition about ideals of beauty. Beginning with the ancient torso of the Belvedere, which since the Renaissance has become the epitome of beauty that has been widely copied, ‘imPERFEKT’ examines the perception of perfection and the pursuit of perfection: How do we deal with the ideals presented by the media? How do we reconcile this with our own reality? How does this affect our view of disabilities?

On the other hand, the exhibition approaches the subject of accessibility and explores how a museum can be designed for everyone in the future. Orientation plans and floor guidance systems make it easier to navigate in the exhibition space. Individual exhibits can be seen, felt and heard. At the same time, related information is more easily accessible, as it is made available in print and via audio guides, in Braille, in sign language and in plain language.