Kreppa Babies

This video installation goes beyond the scope of the traditional art video and may be considered a documentary that tackles several important civil and social themes, such as the utopian ideal and its relative failure, whilst highlighting the emotional and aesthetic aspects of life and the world – those elements which, according to the artists, a work of art can never be without.
The result is a moving portrayal of life in Iceland, where aspects of both an anthropological and a folkloristic nature are condensed: the illusion of affluence spread at all levels of society, myths and pantheistic faith and the ancestral customs of a community imbued with a strong sense of identity and belonging. All this forms the cultural and economic back-drop for a whole generation of Kreppa Babies, literally the “children of the crisis”, taking their first steps on a terrain that has become inhospitable and treacherous due to the recent socio-economic upheaval worldwide.Kreppa Babies are the clearest manifestation of a historical nemesis: where the crimes of the fathers – guilty of having wholeheartedly adhered to the western capitalistic system and having passively succumbed to the magnetic lure of the United States – must inexorably be paid for by their children.


Collezione La Gaia Busca, Cuneo

Exhibition History

Art Unlimited, Basel, Gallery Marco Noire, 2011
Villa Giulia, Verbania, Italy, 2010