a paper in apa format

Greta Garbo


dedicated to DAMIR TODOROVIC

Greta Garbo is – in the experience of MASBEDO – the name of a cake. In their imaginary, it becomes an occasion of a life prolongation, an experiment dedicated to the life and work of Damir Todorovic, the Slavic artist, actor and performer departed prematurely last fall. Earlier in the summer, Todorovic prepared a cake for MASBEDO. In order to do it, he followed a secret recipe by his mother and then named it Greta Garbo. The performers’ work is now addressed at prolonging the departed actor’s life and his secret through the preparation of this dessert, which puts at work and on stage a biography. Ingredients are the improvised, shaky use and manipulation of different kinds of materials. Greta Garbo is also an attempt to define a man/woman character, who treading the boards, aspires to becoming muse and diva, pursuing at the same time an emptiness of human and emotional values.


October 22, 2015